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Magnificent Me- Traveling Exhibit

April 18 - July 7, 2024


April 18-July 7, 2024


 Visitors to Whitaker Center will have a whole new way to explore the amazing biology of the human form thanks to a new exhibit, Magnificent Me. 

Magnificent Me, a hands-on science exhibit, helping children and families understand the body’s
muscles and bones, heart and lungs, digestive system, and brain and nerves.

Designed and built by Carnegie Science Museum, Magnificent Me visitors can interact with a variety of medical technologies and have the chance for hands-on exploration of different human systems.


Some of the exhibit’s highlights include:

What Does a Baby Look Like in the Womb? Visitors use the sensor wand to “see” an ultrasound of the inside of the womb.

Can My Hand Fool My Brain? Using special coils, visitors try to tell the difference between hot and cold temperatures. 

How Does My Brain “See” a Word? Visitors use a slider to rotate a brain and explore how humans process information.

How Does My Skeleton Move?  See your movements translated into a skeleton moving on video.

Gas Seat Visitors have a seat, then bounce up and down to build up gas pressure and see what

Can My Ears Fool My Brain? Different sounds are designed to fool the brain.

Can My Eyes Fool My Brain? Visitors see what happens when they try out the mirror with a friend.


Magnificent Me- Traveling Exhibit is included in the cost of admission to the UPMC Science Center. 

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