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Enter a colorful world of art and engineering in Bricksburg, a new exhibition opening at Whitaker Center on January 14, featuring building challenges, interactives, plus free-play and demonstration areas, designed to encourage visitors of all ages to explore the power of creativity with familiar toy building bricks.

An engaging experience for anyone who has ever picked up a building brick and let their imagination run free, Bricksburg invites visitors to take on the roles of architect, artist, engineer, and builder at brick activity tables, stocked with thousands of bricks!

Toys: The Inside Story

Explore the world of toys and the pulleys, cams, gears, circuits, and linkages that make them work. In this exhibition, guests can trace out their plans on a gigantic Etch A Sketch and get a good look at the other mechanisms, mechanical parts, and electrical gizmos that make toys GO!

Both of these exhibits are included in admission to Harsco Science Center. Click here for tickets.



Construction is complete with our new STEM Design Studios. These newly-renovated labs give visitors the opportunity to explore hands-on, inquiry based activities that allow for exploration of many different STEM activities.



With hands-on exhibits and activities for all ages, your trip will be anything but boring.

Harsco Science Center promises engaging, hands-on, STEM-based exhibits geared toward kids ages 12 and under and their families. Our permanent galleries below are often complemented by special exhibits. Bricksburg and Toys: The Inside Story are the current exhibits.



A destination for the youngest explorers and their favorite grown-ups, now located on Street Level! Designed with a cityscape theme, this gallery offers a collection of kid-friendly exhibits and fun activities for young children ages 0-5 (babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers). Experience Storybook Stage, an ambulance built for learning, and Midtown Market, to name just a few of the adventures awaiting you and your family.

KidsPlace is made possible with the generous support of: The John Crain Kunkel Foundation, Harold A. McInnes, Denis J Milke, M.D. & Kris Olewine Milke, The Hershey Company, Lois Lehrman Grass, Très Bonne Année, Drs. Michael & Madlyn Hanes, and Timothy & Mary Webber Weston



Carnival of Health

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls — step right up and experience the one and only Carnival of Health. More than 2,200 square feet of fun-filled themed entertainment opens your eyes to the wonders of healthy living and the human body. Shoot hoops while you learn about the human body, challenge a friend to a bike race to combat calories, and even scale a climbing wall while you learn about the importance of physical fitness!

Whitaker Center Carnival of Health

Carnival of Health is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Capital BlueCross.


Backstage Studio

Funded by The Alexander Grass Foundation, Backstage Studio features 1,800 square feet of fascinating exhibits that reveal the science and technology behind movies, TV, music, and theatre. Leave your mark on our Graffiti Wall, put yourself into the movies in the Foley Studio, and express yourself through sounds while making your own music.

Whitaker Center Backstage Studio

Backstage Studio is funded by The Alexander Grass Foundation.


Forces of Nature

Through compelling stories of natural forces and environmental change, Forces of Nature is both an exciting thematic area and a relevant science topic that affects everyone’s daily life. The permanent gallery provides guests with the opportunity to experience a variety of extraordinary weather wonders featuring physical “phenomenon-based” exhibits. See the whole world at once with Science on a Sphere, experience super winds in our Hurricane Chamber, and create and move mountains!

family time at forces of nature whitaker center

 Forces of Nature is made possible with the generous support of: PA Department of Community and Economic Development, Mark & Ellen Caldwell, NOAA, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, Jack M. Stover & Marsha M. Everton, and ArcelorMittal.



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