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Boy Scout Merit Badges

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Merit badges give scouts the opportunity to investigate a large variety of knowledge and skills. The merit badge program plays a major role in the scouting advancement program and participation can begin as soon as a scout registers with a troop or as an individual. Adults and leaders will need to accompany their scouts to remain within required ratios. Requirements that will be completed for the badge will be listed within the program description. Any information that needs to be collected to show completion of the requirement is the responsibility of the adults present. At this time, Whitaker Center is NOT able to provide badges for the Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshops. Boy Scouts will need to take what they have done in the workshop and present it to an authorized badge purchaser. Questions can be sent to education@whitakercenter.org

Science Center Admission is NOT included. Badges are NOT provided. Each workshop has the merit badge requirements that will be completed are listed in the description. Collecting information to show completion of the requirement is the responsibility of the scout and troop leader. Adults required to stay in ratio per troop.


Boy Scout: $7 / workshop
Adults: Need to attend with your scout, but you do not need to register. 

Spring 2024 Schedule

Apr 28 from  12 to 2:30 pm - BS 5-8th Grade - Chemistry

Chemistry helps us understand the world around us. This field helps explain why cooked steak is better for us and what rust is. Scouts will complete requirements 1-6 for this merit badge.




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