Whitaker Center
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Gamers & Coders Programs

Gamers & Coders Programs

For GRADES 3-8 | Located in the PNC Innovation Zone's Purposeful Gaming Studio

Pre-registration  is suggested. Programs are $8 per member and $12 per non-member. 

Only children need a ticket to attend.  

Other Details:

Pre-registration is suggested, but not required.  Space is limited; walk-ups will be permitted the day of the program until all program seats are filled. Science Center Admission is NOT included in the cost of the program ticket.

All participants must enter the Center at our Market Street entrance.

The rest of the science center will NOT be available for exploration after the conculsion of the program on Wednesdays. 

10/4/23-  Space Week

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about Space Science by utilizing several Space Themed software programs of their choice.  Kerbal Space Program teaches the fundamentals of rocketry where users design, construct and test a rocket of their own creation.  Astroneer has the user play the role of a space explorer who has landed on an alien planet and they have to gather resources and build to survive!  Spore allows users to create their own alien species and adapt and evolve to survive.

10/11/23 - Earth Science Week

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about the Earth Sciences by utilizing several Earth and Environmental software programs of their choice.  Make and manage a solar system with Universe Sandbox.  Manage a model of our own Solar system or create their own!  Learn about managing the environment by helping to reestablish a healthy ecosystem in many different biomes / scenarios using the software program Terra Nil.  Grow and modify an ecosystem, with simulated evolution by natural selection creating the lifeforms that inhabit it using the software program, Ecosystem.

10/18/23 -  Chemistry Week with Minecraft for Education 

Using Minecraft for Education, Coders will work through several lessons of their choice centered around the wonderful world of Chemistry!  Lessons include:  What is our World Made Of?  Element Scavenger Hunt or Build a Molecule.

10/25/23 - Spooky Platformers!

Gamers will get into the Halloween spirit with their choice of creepy-crawly platformer game.  Pumpkin Jack , Grime and Hue are all puzzle based, platformer games that each have their own spooky theme of having fun and learning logic skills and creative problem solving!


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