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How to Build a PC

How to Build a PC

How to Build a PC


Thank you for participating in our How to Build a PC program!

Please check back in the Fall for our 2024-2025 schedule!


PNC Innovation Zone 

In the first session, attendees will have the chance to learn about what goes into making a computer work and how PCs are put together. Innovators will be instructed on the basic function of each of the parts of a PC including the CPU, motherboard, RAM, cooling systems, PSU, graphics card, hard drive/SSD, and case. Afterward, innovators will be able to interact with the software PC Building Simulator to digitally create a PC.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to attend the first section, as during the second session Innovators will be able to put their knowledge to the test and physically interact with older PC towers by putting them together. We will also be going over the process of downloading and installing games through platforms such as Steam or Epic Games, as well as going through the details of graphical settings and what each of them means and requires performance-wise.

AGES: 12+



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