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Girls in STEAM

Girls in STEAM

Girls in STEAM: Winter at Whitaker Workshops are NOW  on SALE!

Join us for workshops designed for girls in 4th - 8th grade who will participate in activities that connect with real-world applications of STEAM through design, programming, coding, engineering, and more. Participants will be able to explore all aspects of STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math - to see what interests them. All workshops are held in the STEM Design Studios (unless otherwise noted) at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. 

Any questions or concerns can be directed to education@whitakercenter.org.

Please Note: Science Center exploration before your workshop is NOT included in the price of your workshop.  Science Center hours are 9:30am-3pm and tickets can be purchased at the Box Office the day of your workshop. 

Tickets are $5 per member or $8 per non-member - per girl, per workshop! Visit the Box Office the day of the workshop to add on a ticket to the Science Center.


Girls in STEAM Workshops for Grades 4-8!

I Need My Space

Nov. 18th 2023 - I Need My Space - Enjoy a guided tour of our night sky in the inflatable StarLab focusing on constellations and planets. Girls will identify what they see in the night sky and make models to represent their findings. Experience… SCIENCE & ART! 

* Located in Kunkel Gallery.

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Designing Adaptations

 Dec. 9th 2023 - Designing Adaptations - Visit PNC Innovation Zone at Whitaker Center with an educator to learn some of the basics of programming. Girls will practice digital creation while experimenting with biological adaptation using the computer application Spore.  Experience… SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY!

* Located in PNC Innovation Zone (Arcade Level)

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Rocks Rock!

 Dec. 16th 2023 - Rocks… Rock! - Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Create your own unique piece of jewelry in this activity where geology meets art. Girls will practice using a rock hammer to crack open and reveal geodes like a geologist, and then transform them into a beautiful piece of jewelry!  Experience… SCIENCE & ART!

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Production: Behind the Scenes

Jan. 20th 2024 - Production: Behind the Scenes - Experience technology from both sides of the camera.  Girls will learn how to create stunning on-screen visuals made for television.  With the help of a Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCNTV) producer, we will test real-world applications of technology used in TV. Lights, camera, ACTION! Experience… TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING!

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Shake It Up

Feb. 10th 2024 - Shake It Up - How do engineers and architects design structures with earthquakes and tsunamis in mind? This class will focus on ways of building in earthquake prone areas and girls will test to see if their creations can withstand one!  Experience… ENGINEERING & MATH!

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Future Park Ranger

Feb. 17th 2024 - Future Park Ranger - What do the Grand Canyon, Glacier Bay, and Sequoia have in common?  They are protected National Parks!  Girls will discuss the importance of land protection, natural ecosystems, and biodiversity while reaching out to learn more from a Park Ranger.  Experience… SCIENCE & ART!

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H20, Let's Go!

March 2nd 2024 - H2O, Let’s Go! - Drip, drop, drip, drop… Water is constantly changing!  Girls will travel the globe as a water molecule and calculate the properties that make water so unique.  SPLASH!  Experience… SCIENCE & MATH!

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Next Stop...Mars!

March 16th 2024 - Next Stop… Mars! - Explore Earth’s closest neighbor in this out-of-this-world workshop. Girls will use tech tools, like Sphero mini-robots, to plan and execute a simulated mission to Mars.  Will you be part of the Artemis mission? Experience… TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING! 

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Amazing Moon

March 30th 2024 - Amazing Moon - A Solar Eclipse will be visible from PA on April 8th, 2024!  Be prepared to see the greatest sight nature offers.  Girls will learn about the moon, make edible models of the phases, and prepare for the upcoming eclipse.  Experience… SCIENCE & MATH!

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Painting with a Purpose

April 13th 2024 - Painting with a Purpose - Come help us refresh our parabolic, whisper dishes!  Leave your mark on Whitaker Center by designing science-themed artwork for display in our Science Center. Experience… SCIENCE & ART!

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Girls in STEM programs are supported by The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation.


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