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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are BACK at Whitaker Center with more options and tons of fun!

Ready to get planning? Please fill out the RSVP form below and a representative from the Education
Department will be in touch to plan your big day!

You can pick the package for your 4-12 year old that makes their day extra special!

Base Package Options Additional Guests
A - $200: 1-hour party room, Science Center  $10 each
B - $200: 1-hour party room, Lab Activity    $10 each
C - $200: 1-hour party room, Documentary in Digital Cinema    $10 each
D - $300: 1-hour party room, Science Center and Documentary    $15 each
E - $300: 1-hour party room, Science Center and Lab Activity   $15 each
F - $300: 1-hour party room, Documentary and Lab Activity      $15 each
G - $400: 1-hour party room, Science Center, Documentary, and Lab Activity    $20 each

The base price cost covers 20 individuals (parents and children combined). 
Additional adults and children can be added to the prices listed above.
**Maximum 25 children.

**Please note: When you submit your RSVP form, it will ask what package you are interested in experiencing.
A member of the education staff will then work with you to choose the activities, the date, and time of the party!

1 Hour Party Room
Your party will have exclusive access to our newly renovated party room for one hour during the party. You
are invited to decorate the room and bring your own food, paper products, and beverages for the celebration.

Science Center
If selecting a package that includes the Science Center, your party guests can explore the exhibits during the
party. Stay as long as you want while engaging in the interactive, hands-on Science Center floors.

If selecting a package that includes a documentary, you will take a trip upstairs to our Digital Cinema. This
immersive experience adds a pop of excitement to any party experience. Most films are available in 3D and a
title will be chosen during the party planning process!

Lab Activities Options
If selecting a package that includes a lab activity, please select from the following:

Let’s be a Paleontologist -- Ages 4-8 -- Travel back to prehistoric times and learn more about some of the most amazing creatures to walk the Earth! Assemble a velociraptor skeleton, create a watercolor masterpiece, and even dig up your very own dinosaur fossils.

Ice Cream Science -- Ages 4-12 -- Join us for the ultimate birthday party experience as we develop our art and science skills in order to create delicious ice cream in beautiful, hand-painted bowls.

Icky, Sticky, Slime -- Ages 6-12 -- Kids will get to experiment with different slime recipes to make their very own slimy concoctions. They will create their own colors, add in extras such as glitter, confetti, or sequins... No two slimes will be the same!

Volcanic Eruption! -- Ages 6-12 -- Do you feel that rumbling and shaking? The volcano is about to blow! During this lab activity, participants will get to design and build their very own cities and volcanoes using handmade playdoh. Just watch out when your volcano ERUPTS!


** Please note: Special requests for program content cannot be accommodated at this time.


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