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Whitaker Center
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Whitaker on Wheels

Bring STEAM Programming directly to you with the Whitaker on Wheels van!

Our Whitaker On Wheels program, commonly referred to as W.O.W., offers preschools, daycare centers, and elementary schools the opportunity to bring interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) stations directly to the children they look after and teach. 


To schedule W.O.W. programming for your preschool or daycare center, please complete the W.O.W Reservation Form below!



60 minutes 3+ Less than 50 $250
30 minutes Infant-Age 2 Less than 50 $50*

* The infant to age 2 (30-minute) program must be booked in conjunction with one of the 3+ (60-minute) programs. It is not offered separately.

Any program over 50 children will need additional sessions.

Travel over 60 miles from Whitaker Center will incur additional charges.


Sensory Explorers (Ages 0-2)

Little scientists will use four of our five senses as we make observations with our eyes, ears, noses, and hands (no tasting please!)  Experiment in sensory bins, explore novel materials, and strengthen the observation skills that are the foundation of all STEM disciplines.

Mini Masterpiece (Ages 3-5)

Let’s mix two things together to get something new. Let’s do chemistry! We’ll use science tools to explore the chemistry of color with marvelous experiments and artistic projects. Mix up some fun as we experiment with colorful chemistry.

Dino Dig (Ages 3-5)

Calling all paleontologists! Let’s explore all things dinosaur. We’ll learn how paleontologists find, collect, transport, and assemble dinosaur bones through hands-on activities and creative projects. It’s a roaring good time!

Push and Pull Games (Ages 3-5)

Push and pull are the forces that make things go. We’ll explore these forces through flying, rolling, and moving toys. Our little scientists will make observations about the toys, experiment with their movement, and draw conclusions based on what they have seen. Let’s get moving together!

Science Olympics (Ages 6-8) 

Use the engineering design process to tackle some Olympic sized problems! Build a bobsled, see how far your skier can jump, and design a shot put that can be thrown the furthest. We’ll think like engineers and have an Olympic good time!

Mighty Engineers (Ages 6-8) 

Do you have what it takes to construct a structure to stand up to the forces of nature? You can design like an architect to make a mighty building that holds up to earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. We’ll use the engineering design process and teamwork to keep our buildings standing in these tricky natural challenges. 

This program and many others are part of the


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