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Whitaker on Wheels

Bring STEAM Programming directly to you with the Whitaker on Wheels van
powered by UPMC Pinnacle Foundation!

Our Whitaker On Wheels program, commonly referred to as W.O.W., offers preschools, daycare centers, and elementary schools the opportunity to bring interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) stations directly to the children they look after and teach. 

Whitaker on Wheels


To schedule W.O.W. programming for your preschool, daycare center or elementary school, please complete the W.O.W Reservation Form below, but first, make sure to check our availability (subject to change)!



60 minutes 3+ Less than 30 $250
30 minutes Infant-Age 2 Less than 20 $50*

* The infant to age 2 (30-minute) program must be booked in conjunction with one of the 3+ (60-minute) programs. It is not offered separately.

Any program over the maximum number of participants must book more than 1 program; can be held on the same day in conjuncture with participating programs.

Travel over 60 miles from Whitaker Center will incur additional charges.


Sensory Explorers 30 min (Ages 1-3, ideal number of participants, 10-15, max 20) 

Little scientists will use four of our five senses as we make observations with our eyes, ears, noses, and hands (no tasting please!)  Experiment in sensory bins, explore novel materials, and strengthen the observation skills that are the foundation of all STEM disciplines.

Jr. Gravity Manipulators 30 min (Ages 1-3, ideal number of participants, 10-15, max 20)

The foundation of any scientific discovery is noticing cause and effect, our littlest scientists will have the opportunity to make those observations with our explorations. Does Everything that goes up always come down? We will use music, movement and Nursery Rhymes to observe gravitational force on objects.

Dino Dig 60 min (Ages 3-6, ideal number of participants, 20, max 30)

Calling all paleontologists! Let’s explore all things dinosaur. We’ll learn how paleontologists find, collect, transport, and assemble dinosaur bones through hands-on activities and creative projects. It’s a roaring good time!

Push and Pull Games 60 min (Ages 3-6, ideal number of participants, 20, max 30) 

Push and pull are the forces that make things go. We’ll explore these forces through flying, rolling, and moving toys. Our little scientists will make observations about the toys, experiment with their movement, and draw conclusions based on what they have seen. Let’s get moving together!

Fizz, Bubble, Wow! 60 min (Ages 3-6, ideal number of participants, 20, max 30)

What happens when you mix things together? Let’s find out through Chemistry! We’ll explore the science of color, bubbles and see what else fizzes up. These younger scientist friendly experiments will allow our little chemists to draw connections between art and science.

Mighty Engineers 60 min (Ages 6-10, ideal number of participants, 24, max 30) 

Are you a better engineer than the 3 Little Pigs? Can your home design hold up not only to the Big, Bad, Wolf, but to the Forces of Nature as Well? Find out by thinking like an architect engineer to make a mighty building that holds up to earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. We’ll use the engineering design process and teamwork to keep our buildings standing in these tricky natural challenges.

Gravity Manipulators 60 min (Ages 6-10, ideal number of participants, 24, max 30)

Nothing can withstand the law of gravity, or can it? Through the use of centripetal force, can we get objects to defy the laws of gravity? Or will everything come crashing down? These experiments and challenges will encourage young physicists to activate their critical thinking skills and foster a natural curiosity for the world around them. 

Houston, We Have Technology 60 min (Ages 8-12, ideal number of participants, 20, max 24)

Technology and space exploration have inspired some of our favorite media, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tron, and now much of the technology imagined in those worlds exists in ours! We’ll utilize  different tech while exploring the wonders of space. Coding, 3-D printing and engineering skills will be fostered during this mission, come explore this final frontier.

 Thank you to the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation for powering this amazing, mobile STEAM education tool!

UPMC Pinnacle Foundation



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