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Whitaker on Wheels

Delivering live science right into your classroom!

Our Whitaker On Wheels (WOW) program offers schools the opportunity to bring live science demonstrations directly into their classrooms. With four different hands-on programs ranging from learning about body systems and organs to electron build-up and static electricity, students get an out-of-textbook experience!


To schedule a Whitaker On Wheels (WOW) program for your classroom, school assembly or PTO science night please call Whitaker Center's Education Services Coordinator at 717-724-3859 or email.

Discounts for multiple bookings on same day, same location. School districts participating in Whitaker Center’s School District Partnership Contract (SDPC) Program receive a 10% discount on WOW performances. For SDPC details, please contact the Group Sales Coordinator at 717-724-3862 or groupsales@whitakercenter.org.


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