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UPMC Science Center

Hands-on exhibits. STEM-based learning. Endless entertainment.

 Admission includes KidsPlace — a newly renovated space just for children ages 5 and under — to Forces of Nature — a mind-blowing examination of how weather and geology affect planet earth — there is something for curious minds of all ages. Programs and fascinating exhibits about physical, biological and life sciences all combine to make a visit to the science center an extraordinary educational experience cleverly disguised as a whole lot of fun.

Please be sure to read through our Health & Safety Procedures prior to purchasing a ticket to visit.  


Redesigned KidsPlace including a life-sized Operation Game, X-Ray Table, and Pin Ball Falls.  

Drop in STEM Workshops (included in science center admission)

Our STEM Design Studios are now open to offer all science center visitors the opportunity to get hands-on with different STEM topics. Adults and kids will meet a STEM Educator and be introduced to the day’s inquiry-based challenge.  Small groups will have time to design, test, and refine their projects to fulfill the posed requirements. These engaging activities will allow parents and kids to explore STEM topics together, learning as a team. Get hands-on with design challenges using curcuits, tangrams and K'NEX®. Enjoy activities and design challenges with Ozobots™ , Spheros™ and 3Doodler™ 3D printing pens!

Our STEM Design Studios are located on the Lower Level of  UPMC Science Center.

For a complete list of events happening within UPMC Science Center, click here.



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