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Super Human Body: World of Medical Marvels

May 16, 2024 - December 31, 2025
- 11:59 PM

Superhuman Body: World of Medical Marvels

Super Human Body: World of Medical Marvels

Super Human Body: World of Medical Marvels combines state-of-the-art CGI and live-action cinematography to explore the inner workings of our bodies and show how science and technology can help us intervene, and even save lives, when our bodies fail us.  

Experience inspiring stories from the researchers, scientists, bioengineers and real-life individuals behind these ground-breaking medical innovations, including Ty Duckett, an adaptive surfer with an above-the-knee leg amputation; Emily Whitehead, a teen whose childhood leukemia was cured after life-changing T-cell therapy; Dr. Ayanna Howard, a pioneering roboticist whose medical robots are helping children with disabilities; and James Garrett, a retired nurse whose life-threatening heart condition was treated with an advanced valve so small it didn’t require open heart surgery.  An inspirational film about everyday people getting second chances because of these medical advancements, Superhuman Body will inspire you, move you and empower you – you‘ll be amazed what your superhuman body can do!  

Super Human Body: World of Medical Marvels is a MacGillivray Freeman film presented by Edwards Lifesciences and Griffin Catalyst.

Narrated By: Matthew McConaughey | Runtime: 40 minutes




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