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Popnology Traveling Exhibit

October 21, 2022 - January 29, 2023


Boldly Go Where Sci-Fi Went Before Yesterday's Fantasy is Today's Technology

Experience our NEW 8,000 Sq Ft traveling exhibit where sci-fi turns into reality.

Popnology Exhibits


Oculus Rift, Mars Rover, Delorean, VR, 3D Printed Car

 Boldly Go Where Sci-Fi Went Before

Join us for a fusion of science fiction and science fact at Whitaker Center's new 8,000 square foot traveling exhibit, Popnology. This limited-time exhibit celebrates and explores the greatest works of innovation and imagination in history. 


  • Oculus Rift™ virtual reality

  • Local Motors showcasing the Strati, the world’s first 3D printed car and live 3D printing

  • Mars Rover 

  • City of the future building area

  • Virtual projecting games

  • Futuristic musical instrument technology

  • Jet pack from Disney’s™ The Rocketeer

  • Autopia car from Disney’s™ Tomorrowland

  • Classic arcade games like Donkey Kong

  • Props from Back to the Future including the DeLorean time machine complete with the Flux Capacitor (To maintain the integrity of the vehicle, the Delorean is only available for "driver photo opps" during scheduled times. Please do not sit in the vehicle.) - Last Day for photo opps will be January 22nd as the DeLorean will return Back to the Future on January 24th!

  • Artistic renderings from visual futurists who created the look of Blade Runner™, Star Wars™, Alien™, and much more.

Get your tickets to our Science Center today to explore this AWE-INSPIRING exhibit HERE


  1. For entry, please use the Market Street or Walnut Street Garage entrances.

  2. This new and exciting 8,000 sq ft exhibit will be included in your ticket purchase.

  3. Starting this week, ticket prices return to pre-Covid rates.

Popnology Exhibits

Popnology Exhibits


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