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Whitaker on Wheels

Delivering live science right into your classroom!

Our Whitaker On Wheels (WOW) program offers schools the opportunity to bring live science demonstrations directly into their classrooms. With four different hands-on programs ranging from learning about body systems and organs to electron build-up and static electricity, students get an out-of-textbook experience!

Pricing for 2017-18


Audience: up to 75 people
Length: 30 minutes

First presentation $350
Second presentation $200*
Additional presentations $200*


Audience: 76 - 300 people
Length: 45 minutes

First presentation $500
Second presentation $300*
Additional presentations $300*

*All additional shows must be same day, same show, same location

Show Options

On the Road with Stuffee
For Pre-K - Grade 3, classroom or aditorium shows
Our friendly, seven-foot-tall, blue-haired friend wants to do some traveling. With a zipper down his belly, Stuffee opens up to students about body systems, good nutrition, and organ transplant education.

It's Shocking
For Kindergarten - Grade 5, classroom shows only
Hair will rise and sparks will fly in the shocking world of static electricity during this interactive demonstration. Using the Van de Graaff generator, we illustrate electron build-up, discharge, and static electricity safely. We get a charge out of this show, and you will too!
Note: This show can be affected by weather and humidity. Please contact our Director of Education at (emailfor further information

Shoot for the Moon
For Grades 3 - 8, classroom or aditorium shows
Launch in 5...4...3...2...1...Blast off! Observe, predict, and test a rocket's trajectory. Students follow the scientific method as they determine the needed thrust and angle to launch a rocket a fixed distance.

Body Works v.2.0
For Grades 4 - 8, classroom shows only
Body Works brings the human body to life through interactive demonstrations and light-hearted illustrations. What does the human heart look like? Does the human brain really weigh only three pounds? Featuring nine REAL human organs, the show gives a closer look at the body's systems.


  • W.O.W. shows are offered June - March on a first come, first serve basis
  • Monday shows are preferred if possible, for staffing reasons
  • Non-Monday show requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis

To schedule a Whitaker On Wheels (WOW) program for your classroom, school assembly or PTO science night, complete the W.O.W. Booking Request Form, which can be downloaded here, and contact our Director of Education at 717-724-3865 or email.

Discounts for multiple bookings on same day, same location. School districts participating in Whitaker Center’s School District Partnership Contract (SDPC) Program receive a 10% discount on WOW performances. For SDPC details, please contact the Education Sales Coordinator at 717-724-3859 or


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