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Tornado Alley 3D

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Embark on an explosive giant-screen adventure that takes movie-goers on an epic journey through the "severe weather capital of the world." Narrated by Bill Paxton (Twister, Titanic), follow Storm Chasers' star Sean Casey and the scientists of VORTEX2, the largest tornado-research project ever assembled, on the most ambitious effort ever made to understand the origins and evolution of tornadoes. Through this heart-pounding documentary, visitors to Whitaker Center's Select Medical Digital Cinema
 will be awe-struck by the magnificent forces of nature revealed in thrilling 3D.

In a dramatic quest that withstands gale force winds, torrential rains and unrelenting hail, the stars of Tornado Alley 3D take audiences on an extraordinary expedition that reveals the birth of a tornado in breathtaking detail. Filmed across America's Plains states, where three quarters of the world's tornadoes occur, Tornado Alley 3D chronicles the phenomenal experience of veteran storm chasers on two unprecedented missions.

Filmmaker Sean Casey and his crew race after powerful and dangerous storms in TIV-2, a seven-ton armored "tornado intercept vehicle" engineered and built by Casey to withstand the impact of the gale force winds at the tornado's core. The team's ultimate goal is to navigate the vehicle directly into the heart of the tornado and capture its beauty and destructive power on film - at point blank range.

"Tornadoes are surreal, unimaginable," says Casey. "I want to witness something that I am truly in awe of... There's a huge difference between filming a tornado from a couple miles away with a telephoto lens, and filming a tornado that's on top of you with a wide-angle lens. After eight years, I'm thrilled to finally share these incredible experiences with audiences everywhere." 

Not rated, but suitable for all audiences. Running Time: 43 minutes.


About Sean Casey: 
TIV Chief and Champion Storm Chaser

As he's traveled the country for the past 12 years in 16,000 pound armored tanks, known as TIVs (Tornado Intercept Vehicles), Casey's goal is to capture footage of the beauty and destructive power of a tornado on film - at point blank range.



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$8.00 - Child (12 and under)
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$8.00 - Senior (55+)


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