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Whitaker Without Walls: Virtual Field Trips

Whitaker Center is excited to offer NEW! Whitaker Without Walls(WWW) programs for school groups in grades K-6.

Information about scheduling your programs:
  • Up to 30 students in each classroom. 
  • Programs can begin at 9 a.m. EST and will take place one hour apart.
  • Up to 5 sessions can be scheduled in one day. 
  • The education staff will work with the lead educator to set up times and process for the day.
  • Programs must be scheduled at least 3 weeks prior to the program to allow for technology checks and kits to be obtained.
  • To begin the booking process, please fill out the RSVP form and a member of the education staff will be in touch to plan your sessions.
You will need to have access to:
  • A webcam, audio, internet, and a form of projection will be necessary for students to interact with the educator.  
  • To ensure connectivity, a test will be done one week prior to your scheduled visit. 
  • Please fill out the RSVP form for each group requesting a group. A member of the Education Staff will be in touch to discuss the number of sessions needed and a schedule for the day. 

Virtual Field Trips include a STEM Activity Lesson, a Documentary, or Both!
Event Type
Documentary $100

STEM Activity


Documentary and STEM Activity



STEM Activity:
  • An educator-lead 45-50 interactive program through video conferencing software.
  • 8-12 sets of materials for experiments/ activities will be sent. The kits will have materials for 30 students. If more kits are needed as students are all working remotely at home, please reach out to Whitaker Center staff at education@whitakercenter.org to discuss the additional fees and accommodation. 
  • Teacher’s Guide to prepare, you, your classroom, and students for the program.


One of the following documentaries can be streamed into the classroom to be viewed

  • Dream Big 
  • Into America's Wild
  • National Parks Adventure
  • The Search for Life in Space
  • Coral Reef Adventure
  • Expedition Chesapeake

Documentaries are approximately 45 minutes in length.

Please reach out to education@whitakercenter.org with any questions or help filling out your RSVP form.


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