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Wild with Whitaker

Wild with Whitaker

Join us on a new adventure to the great outdoors at the Benjamin Olewine III Nature Center! Wild with Whitaker programs are for all kids grades 5-8. Cost is $8 for non members and $5 for members.  Maximum of 15 kids per session.  PLEASE NOTE: One parent must accompany child, but does not need to purchase tickets.  

Citizen Science and Bird ID - 10/08/2022  | 10 to 11 am

Be a wildlife biologist for the day! Explore how the general public can contribute to current research projects around the globe by making observations and collecting data. In this program we will learn how to identify common central PA songbirds and collect bird population data to help ornithologists conserve Pennsylvania’s diverse bird population.

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Macroinvertebrates - 10/15/2022 | 10 to 11 am | Benjamin Olewine III Nature Center

Macroinvertebrates are an excellent indicator of freshwater stream  health. The presence and absence of certain macroinvertebrates can tell us whether a body of water is heavily polluted or if it is in good health. In this field study, we will learn how to identify common macroinvertebrates found in freshwater streams. With this knowledge we will use sampling techniques to collect macroinvertebrates in a local stream and determine its health using a pollution tolerance index rating.

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Trees and Dichotomous Keys - 10/22/2022 | 10 to 11 am | Benjamin Olewine III Nature Center

Trees are a valuable part of all of our lives! They create the oxygen that we breathe, create food that we eat, are an important ingredient in many medicines, and remove harmful carbon from our atmosphere. In this program we will take a look into our backyard tree species and learn how to identify them using their varying features and a dichotomous key.

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Nature Scavenger Hunt - 10/29/2022  | 10 to 11 am | Benjamin Olewine III Nature Center

Take a walk through the woods and discover the various components that make up a forest ecosystem. In this program we will go on a nature scavenger hunt, searching for things from living to nonliving and small to large. We will discuss the way energy moves through these different parts of the ecosystem as we search. Then, we will create a unique art project using sun sensitive paper and some of the items we find.

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