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Fly over to the Whitaker Center with this program that is all about BIRDS! These workshops coincide with our newest film, Wings Over Water, and support further exploration of major themes. These programs are intended to encourage students to model the dynamics of ecosystems, creatively describe relationships between these magnificent birds and the landscape they navigate, and to better understand the ways in which they relate to each other. Students will also be able to consider their role in the natural world as citizen scientists, both as active participants and observers of nature.


Workshop & Wings Over Water Doc Combo - $14 for Non-Members
Workshop & Wings Over Water Doc Combo - $10 for Members

Students Workshop ONLY - $8 for Non-Members
Students Workshop ONLY - $5 for Members

Parents Wings Over Water Doc ONLY - $9.50 for Non-Members
Parents Wings Over Water Doc ONLY - $7.50 for Members

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February 4th, 11am to 12pm: Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month

Learn about safe bird feeding practices and craft your own bird feeder!  In this program we will learn how to identify common central PA songbirds in winter and collect bird population data to help ornithologists conserve Pennsylvania’s diverse bird population.

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February 11th, 11am to 12pm: Bird Bites

In this program, students will learn about some of Pennsylvania’s native birds by exploring their beaks! We will use a variety of tools and materials to learn how the size and shape of a bird’s beak determines the type of food it gathers.

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February 18th, 11am to 12pm: Owl Pellet Dissection

All birds need to eat! In this program students will have the opportunity to dissect owl pellets and discover what kind of food an owl might eat in order to survive.

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February 25th, 11am to 12pm: The Great Migration Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? Learn about migration by playing games that simulate the importance of food, water, and shelter to the survival of birds as they migrate long distances.

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