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ly over to the Whitaker Center with this program that is all about BIRDS! These workshops coincide with our newest film, Wings Over Water, and support further exploration of major themes. These programs are intended to encourage students to model the dynamics of ecosystems, creatively describe relationships between these magnificent birds and the landscape they navigate, and to better understand the ways in which they relate to each other. Students will also be able to consider their role in the natural world as citizen scientists, both as active participants and observers of nature.



Students Workshop - $8 for Non-Members
Students Workshop  - $5 for Members

March Theme: Crazy Chemistry!

Put on your lab coat and goggles and get ready to investigate the science of chemistry! Learn how chemists use the scientific method while blowing bubbles, investigate the polymers in our everyday life, and get ready to create some raging reactions. 

March 4, 11am to 12pm: Bubble Chemists

Pop into the scientific method! Become a chemist as you practice the scientific method through a hands-on bubble experiment. Follow the steps of making a hypothesis, performing an experiment, recording data, and analyzing data as you explore what makes the best bubble!

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March 11, 11am to 12pm: Polymer Palooza

What do contact lenses, milk jugs, computers, sandwich bags, and chewing gum all have in common?  They are all made out of synthetic polymers! Learn all about the polymers we use on a daily basis and alternatives we can use to reduce plastic waste.

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March 18, 11am to 12pm: Raging Reactions

Do you know what happens when you mix yeast and hydrogen peroxide together? How about if you mix cornstarch and glue? Come find out as we explore how mixing different ingredients together can create some crazy chemical reactions!

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