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Story Slam

If you like telling stories, hearing stories, or just fun in general, you will definitely want to check out Whitaker Center's Story Slam at the Hilton’s Hill Society! A Story Slam is a great excuse for anyone 21+ to get on stage and tell the crowd one of their favorites. Each month has its own theme and own winners. There are TWO semi finals built into the season to keep the excitement going and it all culminates at November's Grand Slam (at Whitaker Center).

Official Rules for the Harrisburg Story Slam:

  • Storytellers register upon arrival. Names are drawn out of a hat to decide who competes and order of presentation. About 10 – 12 storytellers can compete per night.
  • Stories must fit into the theme of the night! See schedule below.
  • Stories should be true as you remember it.
  • Stories should be five minutes in length.
  • No notes, no props, no music
  • Three judges from the community are selected in advance. Each storyteller receives a score on a scale of 1-10 for three different criteria: content, presentation, and adherence to the theme. The storyteller with the highest scores wins the night and is given a spot in November’s Grand Slam! A second and third place are also named and earn a spot in one of our Semi Finals (see schedule below)
  • If you win once, we invite you to return and compete; you just won't be awarded points.
  • This event is strictly 21 and over.
  • Cost of ticket $10 at the door (cash only), $8 online in advance (choose will call when checking out). Includes one drink and priceless entertainment.
  • Remember- street parking is free after 7pm in downtown Harrisburg!
  • When signing up that night to tell a story, storytellers are asked to sign a release stating they are okay with having the story posted on YouTube. Storytellers retain all rights to their stories. Questions? Chat with us at the registration table or email us. 

2018 Story Slam Slam Pass - Now Closed!

Thank to all Slam Passers who secured your spot at all 2018 Story Slam events (plus a discount equal to getting one Story Slam free!) with this year's new Slam Pass! A limited amount of Slam Passes were available through January 21, 2018 or while supplies lasted!

2018 Story Slam Schedule (all begin at 7:30pm)

March 7 - The First Time
Life is full of firsts: first loves, first heartbreaks, first jobs, first failures. In our first Slam of the season, we're asking for stories about one of your firsts. There has to be a first time for everything...

April 4 - I've Been Fooled
We've all been fooled before. Whether it was that time you accidentally signed up for a five hour timeshare sales pitch because they promised you $50 or that date you went on with the "doctor" you met on Tinder. Call it fooled, bamboozled or hoodwinked; everyone has a story about the time they had the wool pulled over their eyes. 

May 2 - $h*t My Mom Says
She gave you life and some of the best advice you'll ever hear. Tell us a story about your mom: the lessons she taught you, the funny things she said or the annoying things she made you do. Make your momma proud!

June 6 - SEMI FINAL: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The 2nd and 3rd place winners from the three previous Slams compete for a gauranteed spot in November's Grand Slam! 
Some of the best stories involve travel. In our first Semi Final, the second and third place winners from the three previous Slams share their stories about the joys of travelling. Lose your luggage? Meet a new friend? Locked up abroad? We'll hear it all at this month's Slam!

July 11 - Freedom 
Nothing feels better than being free. Takes this month's theme to the limits and tell us about that time you felt the most free. Was it getting out of a bad relationship or quitting that horrible job? Maybe it was when you finally moved out of your parents house or paid off all your debt. We can't wait to hear all about it!

August 1 - I’m not as Think as you Drunk I am 
You can share as much or as little as you like about the time you were "in your cups". Blame it on the alcohol, your friends or a case of the sads. We'll still love you in the morning!

Sept 12 - Home 
Whether it's a state of mind or a physical address, home is where our best memories live. Tell us a story about your home, your home-away-from-home or when you came home. 

October 3 - SEMI FINAL: Petrified 
The 2nd and 3rd place winners from the three previous Slams compete for the LAST spot in November's Grand Slam! 

We've all been scared at some point. Whether it was being caught doing something, scared of losing someone, a brush with death or the supernatural - that time when you were the most scared you've ever been is the topic of this month's slam. The second and third place winners from the three previous Slams compete to the death (sort of) for the final spot in next month's Grand Slam.

November 7 - GRAND SLAM @ WHITAKER CENTER: All Good Things
Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door (still includes one complimentary drink)

Eight storytellers who have proven their might on the mic come together to battle it out for the coveted title of Grand Slam Champ. We're holding this shindig at Whitaker Center so we can accommodate everyone who wants to come check out the last Slam of the season. We’ll be going out on a high note with stories about things ending. Graduations, relationships, jobs, even life itself. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

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Tickets are required for both performers and spectators. Your ticket includes one complimentary drink and the opportunity to be entered into that night's running to tell your story or just to enjoy what others have to say. This event is strictly 21+. Tickets are $8 in advance online (choose "will call" when checking out), $10 at the door (cash only). This event is generously sponsored by the Harrisburg Hilton. To get to the Hill Society room, enter through the main lobby on 2nd Street and make a left. 


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