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A field trip to Whitaker Center can be customized to fit the needs of your class with programs that reinforce your classroom curriculum. Visit one, two or all three program areas to create the perfect visit and keep your class on the move and engaged in the process! 

A Harsco Science Center Visit gives your group access to three floors of STEM-based science exhibits that provide hands-on learning. Experience the science center at your own pace taking in each area as a class, or let your kids explore in small groups. Either way, your visit is on your own terms. For planning purposes, block out at least 1.5 hours of your visit to experience Harsco Science Center.

 A Documentary Film Viewing inside Select Medical Digital Cinema gives your class the experience of seeing an educational film in a completely immersive, large format movie theater. Check out what’s playing during your visit, or contact our Group Sales Coordinator to schedule an exclusive showing of any documentary film in our library. Documentary films typically run 40 – 50 minutes in length. 

Discovery Labs offer a small classroom setting where students participate in an in-depth, hands-on workshop guided by a member of Whitaker Center’s Education staff. Our inquiry-based labs extend your Whitaker Center experience, focus on a wide range of age-appropriate topics and support Pennsylvania Academic Standards. Labs usually take about 45 minutes. 

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