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Girls in STEM


Experience innovation and discovery with one of our Girls In STEM Workshops or Camps!


Girls In STEM Summer Camps


August 10-13     Girls in STEM! Camp Grades 4-8        

Girls will take a hands-on approach to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  They will be introduced to architecture and engineering, physics, kitchen chemistry, and coding through experiential activities and design challenges. 

The young ladies will learn vital communication skills while collaboratively working with their peers in this fast-paced STEM environment. Please note, the July and August camps are the same to maximize the number of young ladies able to be served under the grant funding.  


Girls In STEM Workshops

2020 Fall Girls now on sale!

Join us for workshops designed for young ladies in 4-8 grade, who will participate in activities that connect with real-world applications of STEM through design, programming, coding, engineering, and more. All workshops are held from 12:00 - 2:00 PM in the newly renovated STEM Labs at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts.  Tickets are just $5 per girl, per workshop!  Any questions or concerns can be directed to education@whitakercenter.org.  


August 30     Preventing Pollution: Cleaning Up Dirty Water          

Participants will identify the best ways to clean dirty water using a variety of materials to engineering water filters.

September 27     Girl Gamers          

Using Minecraft’s Hour of Code, girls will step into a programmer’s shoes and explore the different aspects of video game coding.

October 4     Design a Lunar Colony          

What if we were to go back to the moon - for good? Participants will develop and present out-of-this-world designs for a future moon colony.

October 11     Printmaking Lab     

Girls will mix the perfect pigment and streamline the printmaking process to produce fabulous prints - using Pennsylvania’s native plants as inspiration!

October 18     Hurricane Season     

Participants will learn about hurricane forces and work as a team to design, build, and test structures that can withstand them.

November 1     Coding for Good with Minecraft Education Edition     

Coding the Minecraft biosphere will help girls discover how Artificial Intelligence is being used to collect data about forest fires.

November 8     Audacious Architects     

Girls will learn the science behind cantilevered construction as they tackle design challenges based on iconic landmarks.

November 15     Helping Hands     

In this program, girls must find a way to extend their reach —literally!—as they develop a method to build mechanical grabbers.  




Support the Girls in STEM Initiatives

When you make a $50 or more donation, you will receive our exclusive “I Empowered a Girl” t-shirt! 
Contact development@whitakercenter.org for more information.


Girls in STEM programs are supported by The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation.

These programs and many others are part of the


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