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Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM


Fall 2022 Girls in STEM Workshops are now on sale!

Join us for workshops designed for young ladies in 3-6 grade, who will participate  in activities that connect with real-world applications of STEM through design, programming, coding, engineering, and more. All workshops are held in  STEM Lab A at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. 

Any questions or concerns can be directed to education@whitakercenter.org.

Please note, for Girls in STEM workshops held at Whitaker Center - Science Center exploration before or after your workshop is NOT included in the price of your workshop.  Science Center tickets can be purchased at the Box Office the day of your workshop if the science center is open to the public.  

Whitaker Center follows CDC guidelines and recommendations.  At this time, masks are optional. 


Girls in STEM Workshops for Grades 3-6!

Friday, November 18 - 6:00-8:00 pm - Incredible H2O
Water, water, everywhere! All living things need water to live, but what is water? In this lesson, students will zoom in on the water molecule to learn about the physical properties of water. Students will review the molecular structure of water, and learn how polarity makes water have amazing properties.  $5 per member | $8 per non-member
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Friday, December 2 - 5:00-7:00 pm - Kitchen Chemistry
Have you ever wondered how some of the foods you buy at the grocery store are made? Have you ever experimented with mixing kitchen ingredients to create chemical reactions? In this program we will do just that! Mix, shake, and create with ingredients you can find in your pantry! *If you're child has a food allergy, please email education@whitakercenter.org to make us aware prior to the night of the program.* 
$5 per member | $8 per non-member

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Friday, December  9 - 5:00-7:00 pm - Natural Disasters
Explore the science of natural disasters by learning how natural hazards impact organisms (including humans) and the environment. Create a volcanic eruption! Shake, rattle, and roll with an earthquake STEM challenge. Learn about the role of engineering design in protecting people from hurricanes. 
$5 per member | $8 per non-member

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Friday, December 16 - 5:00-7:00 pm - STEAM Jewelry Making
Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Create your own unique piece of this jewelry in this activity where geology meets art. We will practice using a rock hammer to crack open and reveal geodes like a geologist and then transform them into a beautiful piece of jewelry!
 $5 per member | $8 per non-member
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Girls in STEM programs are supported by The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation.


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