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Toys: The Inside Story

January 11 - May 10, 2020

Now open! Exhibit is included in cost of Harsco Science Center Admission. Click here for tickets!

Explore the world of toys and the pulleys, cams, gears, circuits, and linkages that make them work. In this exhibition, guests can trace out their plans on a gigantic Etch A Sketch and get a good look at the other mechanisms, mechanical parts, and electrical gizmos that make toys GO!

Exhibit components include Pulley Wall, The Magic Behind the Silver Screen, Pattern Tracer, Big Pully, Little Pulley, Circuit Wall, Circuit Challenge, Cam Wall, Linkages Wall, Gears Wall, Gears at Play, Big Gear, Little Gear, What's Inside?, What's Inside the Marching Machine?, and What's Inside Jack-in-the-Box?.

Toys was developed by Montshire Museum of Science & TEAMS Collaborative, and funded by National Science Foundation (NSF).



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