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KICK: The INXS Experience

July 29, 2020
7:30 PM - 11:00 PM

This show has been canceled. Please email info@whitakercenter.org to refund tickets.



A unique blend of incredibly talented musicians who bring the highest level of musicianship to the audience while showing a true passion for the music of INXS, KICK- The INXS Experience has beautifully managed to capture the spirit of INXS in both its sound and live performance. The focus has been on faithfully recreating the music in its most powerful sense, leading to a powerful, high-energy show that is guaranteed to have the entire audience singing and dancing to every song- all night long!

Formed in 2014, two years after INXS stopped touring, the focus of KICK - The INXS Experience has been faithfully recreating the music of INXS in its most powerful sense, originating from an in-the-pocket bottom-end bass player, Don Leslie; driving backbeat drummer, Gary Forbes; a brilliant combination of piano and synth by Johnny Cassidy, the signature guitar tones produced by guitarists, Todd King, and Jason Taylor; saxophone by Tom Wheat and the spot-on lead vocals by Cory Massi.

Officially endorsed by Tina Hutchence, sister of the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

 “KICK- The INXS Experience will take you back. It will reignite your passion for INXS. It will introduce you to music that is still as fresh today as the day it was written; Original Sin to Elegantly Wasted and everything in between!”

“This was like seeing INXS all over again....”
"That was such an awesome surprise; I'd almost forgotten how much I love INXS!"
"I came thinking I would only know a couple of songs, but I knew every single one...."
"Cory Massi is Michael Hutchence 2.0, fabulous!"


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