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Enter a colorful world of art and engineering!

January 11 - June 7, 2020

Now open! Exhibit is included in cost of Harsco Science Center Admission. Click here for tickets!

Enter a colorful world of art and engineering in Bricksburg, a new exhibition opening at Whitaker Center on January 14, featuring building challenges, interactives, plus free-play and demonstration areas, designed to encourage visitors of all ages to explore the power of creativity with familiar toy building bricks.

An engaging experience for anyone who has ever picked up a building brick and let their imagination run free, Bricksburg invites visitors to take on the roles of architect, artist, engineer, and builder at brick activity tables, stocked with thousands of bricks!

Exhibition highlights include:

Famous Architecture: Recreate famous architectural structures from around the world, including the
Great Pyramid of Giza and the Eiffel Tower.

Drag Race: Explore car construction and challenge your friends to a race with your brick race car!

The Floor Is Lava!: With only tower platforms to build off of, visitors are challenged to create balconies,
bridges and cantilevered platforms to get from here to there.

Tilt Maze: Arrange and re-arrange straight bricks to create a maze for a wooden ball to navigate through
on a tilt-table.

Describe It!: Facing each other, but divided by an opaque screen, one visitor builds an object while
describing it to the other, who then tries to build the same object. Compare and see how well
instructions were given and followed!

Open Play: Create your own masterpieces with piles of bricks.

Developed by Carnegie Science Center and produced in partnership with the Sciencenter.


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