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SUMMER 2017 Exhibit: Dinosaur Discovery

Dinosaur Discovery

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June 3 - September 3, 2017

Over a dozen active dinosaurs come to life this summer at Whitaker Center

After 65 million years in the making, dinosaurs come alive this summer in our limited engagement exhibition, Dinosaur Discovery: Where Science Comes Alive! Located inside Gloria M. Olewine Gallery of Harsco Science Center, guests will marvel at predators hunting prey: an armored Euoplocephalus fending off a provoked Albertosaurus, discover a pack of hungry Deinonychus taking down a Tenontosaurus and hear a Maiasaura roar in joy as its eggs hatch.

whitaker center maiasaurus

Dinosaur Discovery features over 12 interactive, life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that roar, feed, fight, and care for their young. This visually stimulating and interactive exhibit makes science come alive for children and adults alike.

whitaker center pternono

Come face to face (or face to bill) with familiar dino species or meet a new favorite creature friend including the very flat and wide Euoplocephalus, the web-winged Pteranodon, or two long-necked Apatosaurus; both adult and young. Dinosaur Discovery also includes four highly interactive simulator pods, where guests become a living, breathing dinosaur within an immersive, virtual Cretaceous era ecosystem. Younger guests will enjoy operating a remote controlled Hadrosaur as well as touching dinosaur skin, teeth and a nest.

whitaker center dinosaur discovery exhibit

Dinosaur Discovery is included in regular Harsco Science Center admission, thanks to the generous support of Harsco corporation.

Some of the elements included in the Dinosaur Discovery exhibit: 

  • A Euoplocephalus whipping its powerful tail at the attacking Albertosaurus
  • Two Pachycephalosaurus head-butting in a battle for territory 
  • Four Deinonychus taking down a Tenontosaurus with powerful slashes of their claws
  • A Pteranodon soaring over the coast in search of fish
  • Operate a robotic hadrosaur using a remote control
  • Discover fossils while digging through sand
  • Uncover fossils by rubbing crayons on paper-covered templates
  • Become a dinosaur yourself through virtual reality simulators

whitaker center dino simulator

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