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At Home with Science

At Home with Science

We get it. Not every parent has the periodic table framed and on display in their home. Taking a complex subject like Physics and making it relatable and teach-able to young children is a challenge for most parents, even those who have a comfort level with one or more of the fields of science. While it's simple to identify a chemical change like ice (a solid) melting into a liquid, it's harder to explain to young learners how water vapor collects to form a cloud.

STEM jobs are projected to grow 13% in the next nine years, compared to 9% for non-STEM jobs, which means that it’s more important than ever to get students STEM literate for the jobs that await them when they enter the workforce. Whitaker Center is committed to being a positive force in parent/child STEM literacy by providing "At Home with Science" segments previously aired on ABC27.

From Good Day PA segments,  our Director of Education provides a mix of science experiments, STEM challenges and craft projects that can easily be completed at home by parents with their children. 

Check out some sample segments below with instructions that can be printed at home.  View the full selection of "At Home with Science" videos here.

Happy STEM-ing, families!

Watermelon Moon Sand
For a PDF of the instructions, click here

Musical Theater Movement Game
For a PDF of the instructions, click here

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