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Incredibles 2

Now Showing in 3D Whitaker Center's Select Medical Digital Cinema!

June 14 - July 5, 2018
7:00 PM

The most "incredible" family is back and in 3D!

The Parr family struggles to maintain normal lives while Helen, as Elastigirl, continues to fight crime and campaign for the return of "supers"; while Bob, also known as Mr. Incredible, stays at home caring for their children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, discovering the baby's secret powers in the process. Also, the Parrs and their ally Frozone find they must battle a new villain, who goes by the name of Screenslaver.

Thanks for choosing to see Incredibles 2 in 3D at Whitaker Center's Select Medical Digital Cinema, the largest screen in Central PA! Your ticket purchase supports Whitaker Center, a nonprofit organization that aims to support the Central PA community through educational programming focused on the Arts.



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