Whitaker Center Events

The Bacon Brothers

July 10, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

The Bacon Brothers

Sunoco Performance Theater
Tickets are $38.50 and $48.50.


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Long before Kevin Bacon launched his prolific stage and screen career, and before Michael Bacon became known as a go-to composer for film and television, they were just two brothers, born nine years apart, coming of age in Center City Philadelphia. By the late 1960s, Michael, already a professional musician, would gig with his band at the city’s famed Electric Factory with a young Kevin tagging along when he could. It’s a time preserved in the cover art for The Bacon Brothers’ latest, New Year’s Day, with a preteen Kevin singing alongside a mandolin-strumming Michael.


Having played with the same crew of musicians for all of the band’s existence, Michael and Kevin agree that the band has become just as much a part of the whole endeavor as the two frontmen. “With New Year’s Day, the guys in the band produced a couple of tracks each,” Michael points out. “We gave the band much more creative responsibility for the product we ended up with. I think that’s why it sounds more like a band album.”