Bacon Brothers

Bacon Brothers
Thursday, July 10 - 7:30pm
Sunoco Performance Theater


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Long before Kevin Bacon launched his prolific stage and screen career, and before Michael Bacon became known as a go-to composer for film and television, they were just two brothers, born nine years apart, coming of age in Center City Philadelphia.  By the late 1960s, Michael, already a professional musician, would gig with his band at the city’s famed Electric Factory with a young Kevin tagging along when he could.  It’s a time preserved in the cover art for The Bacon Brothers’ latest, New Year’s Day, with a preteen Kevin singing alongside a mandolin-strumming Michael.  The record, laden with the brothers’ trademark gritty rock and a touch of Philly soul, hearkens back to those roots in the City of Brotherly Love, when life was less complicated and music filled the air.


“My earliest memory of music was what my brother was playing or the music he brought home,” Kevin Bacon recalls.  “I would sit on the steps of our basement while he was downstairs practicing with our sister, Hilda, and their band.  So my heroes growing up were all rock ’n’ rollers.  I wasn’t really into sports, or even movies.  If I could save money, I’d buy an album.”


Having played with the same crew of musicians for all of the band’s existence, Michael and Kevin agree that the band has become just as much a part of the whole endeavor as the two frontmen.  “With New Year’s Day, the guys in the band produced a couple of tracks each,” Michael points out.  “We gave the band much more creative responsibility for the product we ended up with. I think that’s why it sounds more like a band album.”