Backstage Studio

Lights, Camera, Action - Take Center Stage

Backstage StudioWhitaker Center is pleased to present the fifth new long-term exhibit gallery in Harsco Science Center. Funded by The Alexander Grass Foundation, Backstage Studio features 1,800 square feet of fascinating exhibits that reveal the science and technology behind movies, TV, music, and theatre.

"Backstage Studio is an exciting new addition to the Science Center putting a fresh twist on edu-tainment,” said Dr. Michael Hanes, Whitaker Center President and CEO.

Visitors can make their own animated video, create movie sound effects, play ‘intelligent’ musical instruments, and discover how different colors of light can create a variety of moods. Free with paid Science Center admission.




Interactive exhibits include:

Animation Station
Make digital animations through four camera activity stations. Select special backdrops and 3-D objects to create a stop-motion animation sequence by experimenting on a flat art table.


Graffiti Wall
Make your mark! Spray paint personal designs, choosing from a palette of 72 colors.

Foley Studio
Record Foley sound effects (named after Jack Foley, one of the first movie sound effects experts) for a clip from the popular movie Julie and Julia.

Inventing Music
Craft musical effects including beats, pitch and volume through the Reactable, unique multi-user synthesizer.

Six reflection holograms illustrate how science and art combine to produce striking 3-D images.

The Stage
Create illuminating and dramatic lighting effects. Improvise and stage your own performances using LED lights, spot lighting and the manipulation of shadows.


Sound Effects: Wind and Rain
Simulate the sound of a windstorm and falling rain.


Spin a slotted disk and watch as a series of still images becomes a movie.


interactive exhibits


interactive exhibits


interactive exhibits